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Back to School / Flexible Learning Workshop LIVE

Get ready for back to school!

Let’s have fun and learn how to manage stress, anxiety, focus, attention and memory in this unsettled time of returning to school without actually returning to school! Some are full remote, some are hybrid, but either way, this is not normal. Not normal for anyone, students, parents and teachers alike. Certain essential oils and oils blends can help to cope with today’s abnormal circumstances, naturally and healthily!

Here is a video of my latest Essential Oils class with Dr. Drew. It is our Back to School oils class. You can learn how and which oils will help your children cope with the daily stress and anxiety that these uncertain times bring, as well as optimizing focus and memory!

Again, please call me to find out more wonderful and amazing information.

It’s a pleasure to serve Totowa, Livingston and all surrounding communities in New Jersey and ONLINE!

Chiropractic care is essential for good health, healthy nervous system, healthy immune system and a optimally functioning body and mind.

Call Dr. Drew Spergel DC to find out more about how chiropractic can help you and your children throughout the school year!

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