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Summer Essentials Workshop LIVE

Let's get excited for a fun Summer Essentials Workshop!

Let's chat about all the natural, safe ways you can make summer amazing. Bug? No biggie? Sun? Shine away! Heat? How 'bout it!

We're about more than oil here - we're here for education, natural solutions, and easy swaps to reduce toxins in your life! And don't worry - you don't have to be an "oil girl" to have a good time here - we have something for everyone.

Awesome giveaways are coming, so make sure you get involved with questions and comments! Each time you participate, you'll earn another entry for a $25 doTerra Gift Card!

We'll have incredible specials, discounts, and great ideas for you this week, so I'll be helping you create a wish list! Anytime you see something you want to try, comment "WISH LIST" and I'll add it to yours! If you need it now, comment, "NEED IT NOW" and I'll get you hooked up right away.

The Zoom Meeting link will be posted in the group. Please join:

973-725-9695 Stephanie Grosso CNC Soul Nourished Holistic Living


Dr. Drew Spergel, DC Drew Family Chiropractic

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